Elkay Manufacturing Co.

Project Name:
Elkay Manufacturing Co.
2700 S. 17th Avenue
Broadview, IL 60155

Year completed:

25 Feet

35,400  Square Feet

Previous Roof System:
Acrylic-coated EPDM roof membrane,  mech. attached over 2.25” ISO insulation

New Roof System:
White, .60mil reinforced TPO single-ply roof membrane, mechanically attached over 2.3” ISO insulation

Elkay Manufacturing Company


What proved to be somewhat of a complication on this roofing project was the fact that the existing steel deck under the old acrylic-coated EPDM roof system was inappropriately attached.  This improper fastening of the roof assembly substructure allowed a good amount of differential movement to take place between the deck, the polyisocyanurate insulation boards, and the old single-ply roof membrane during expansion/contraction cycles.  A severely distorted roof surface was the consequence of this dynamic motion between the roof system components as the insulation boards wracked and warped, creating huge bulges on the surface that became barriers and natural areas for water to pond.  After removing the old roof system and 14 abandoned rooftop projections, we filled in the openings in the steel deck with new decking material and re-attached much of the existing steel decking prior to installing the new roof system.  We installed the new .060 mil, reinforced TPO roof system ahead of schedule, without disrupting the critical detail work taking place inside the building.  This re-roofing work was done directly over Elkay’s product finishing line.

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